Translate for Google Drive
Support PDF, TXT, DOC, PPT, XLS, DOCX, PPTX, XLSX, Google format documents or RTF file type.
Source --> Target
*Translate from Document URL
Translate immediately via a URL that you select. There are some file size(about 1M) limits. For the file larger than this size, this app extracts only text from the file and try to translate.
Simply click the "Translate from Document URL" after select a file.

*Translate from File
You can translate more large file than above "Translate from Document URL".
After saving the file, Open a file manually to translate.
Simply drag your file into the file-input-box.
Please note that some of your original formatting may not be preserved.
This is a free translation tool, which uses computer programs to translate between languages.
It provides an easy way to translate whole documents, without the need for copying and pasting large blocks of text.
Provides connect with Google Drive, you can open this translator with a document file on Google Drive.
ⓒ Translate for Google Drive, 2020